Climate Advocacy International (CAI) is a youth driven non-profit organization established by a group of experts in various sectors and it is committed to providing both professional and social services to its valued clients, people and societies in need. It is engaged in activities that support, promote and enhance to achieve the sustainable development goals and provide practical solutions to the real world problems, and this in turn increases the sustainability of the nature. The organization mainly advocates and works in various aspects of climate change, clean energy, green growth, eco-innovation, cleaner production, clean water & sanitation, food and forest, environmental sustainability, corporate social responsibility, resilient society, social justices, capacity building and knowledge sharing. It is also a platform for empowering youth and women and mainstreaming them in climate change and sustainable development activities. CAI works with governments, intergovernmental agencies, development partners, public and private sectors, INGOs, NGOs, CBOs and local people to ensure sustainability is at the heart of economic and social development.


CAI envisions progressive, equitable and resilient societies both nationally and globally that is acquired through robust, inclusive and sustainable development.


CAI aims to assist societies and countries on achieving their goals of economic prosperity, social harmony and environmental sustainability through promotion of green growth and application of innovative solutions to the real world problems without jeopardizing natural carrying capacity.