Gangapurna glacier almost dried up

A heavy migration from a Himalayan village due to climate change

Pani ghatta (water mill) in the Himalayan region

Feasibility study of landfill gas collection and utilization

Institutional waste to energy pilot project (Biogas)

Assessing eco-innovation options in a tea industry

A public mobile toilet in Kathmandu

A mountain village being energy independent by using solar PV

Farmer harvesting barley in the Himalayan region

Capacity Building Training on CDM and Calculation of National Emission Factor


Climate Advocacy International (CAI) is a youth driven non-profit organization established by a group of experts in various sectors and it is committed to providing both professional and social services to its valued clients, people and societies in need. It is engaged in activities that support, promote and enhance to achieve the sustainable development goals and provide practical solutions to the real world problems, and this in turn increases the sustainability of the nature.



 CAI envisions progressive, equitable and resilient societies both nationally and globally that is acquired through robust, inclusive and sustainable development.


CAI aims to assist societies and countries on achieving their goals of economic prosperity, social harmony and environmental sustainability through promotion of green growth and application of innovative solutions to the real world problems without jeopardizing natural carrying capacity.


SDG Club

SDG Club

By realizing the fact that the SDGs has become a very hot topic in many national and international forums, and governments, bilateral and multilateral development agencies are working and have started to invest hugely to achieve the SDGs but the progress in the ground...

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Winner of MIT Climate CoLab Energy Supply Contest 2018

Winner of MIT Climate CoLab Energy Supply Contest 2018

We, with an aim of distributing about 1 million improve cook stoves to poor families in Nepal and extend the programme to other South Asian nations later, participated in the Energy Contest 2018 organized by Climate CoLab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)...

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Int’l Climate Congress & Climate Change Film Festival

Int’l Climate Congress & Climate Change Film Festival

With an objective of sharing and disseminating knowledge and disruptive ideas on a wide range of aspects of climate change CAI is planning for organizing International Conference on Climate, Energy and Green Growth (includes both conference and forum), and...

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Dharma K.C
Executive Director & Founder

Lt. Former President of India & a great scientist A.P.J. Abdul Kalam said “All birds find shelter during a rain. But eagle avoids rain by flying above the clouds. Problems are common, but attitude makes the difference!!!”

Establishment of Climate Advocacy International (CAI) was driven by a different, a unique and a smart approach. Sustainable development, climate change, renewable energy, environmental sustainability, paradigm shift, equality, gender, social justices etc. are being fashionable terms to use by many non-governmental organizations but whether these organizations are only playing with the terms or are working smartly to explore and implement the practical solutions of these real world problems should be the concern of the 21st century and ahead. CAI does not intend to be just a one more addition in a group of non-profit organizations but adopts smart way of engagement in activities and achieve the result differently that are much beneficial to the humanity and the nature as a whole. We always act with an ambition to open a new horizon in every activity we involve and want to be at the forefront of sustainable development, green growth, natural conservation, social justice and so on.