Capacity Building & Knowledge Hub

Institutional capacity building on various aspects such as policy, technical, social, environmental issues of climate change, renewable energy, energy efficiency, green growth, eco-innovation etc. are very essential on achieving sustainable development goals. Developing countries have policy, strategy and action plan to address the climate change challenges and developed nations and international development agencies are cooperating with the governments to successfully implement programs outlined by developing nations and one of the important parts of the cooperation is capacity building and sharing knowledge.

Experts of CAI have gathered profound experiences by providing capacity building training on above mentioned topics and more in many countries of Asia and the Pacific. We have noticed that governments, public and private institutions, and local people are highly benefited by attending those training and knowledge sharing programs. At the meantime, we have realized that capacity building is a two-way knowledge sharing program where we also learned about national and regional policies, action plans, strategies of those governments and it assisted us to design and provide appropriate programs that could benefit them by covering a wider national and regional interest. In brief, we provide CB training on all the thematic areas we focus and build a strong system, network or hub through which smart ideas, knowledge and experiences can be shared among concerned parties.